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Frank M. Ahearn has been identifying romance scammers for several years. In truth, it is not necessarily a difficult task. If you take the time to read a few pages, you will be able to determine if you are dating a fraud. I will provide information about all types of scams and scammers.

  • Romance Scammers
  • Online Dating Scammer
  • Military Scammers
  • Fake Soldier
  • Oil Rig Frauds
  • Engineer Scams
  • Fake UN Doctors
  • Fake Military Doctors
  • Female Romance Scammers
  • Online Blackmailers
  • Widower Scams
  • The Package Scam
  • Military Vacation Scam

There are so many types of scams the scammers use to victimize. If even one sentence on this website sounds familiar, you are probably a victim of a romance scam. If so, you must end the relationship and protect yourself from future scams. Unfortunately, confronting the fraudster is useless, he or she will lie. Although some dating scammers admit to their actions but claim they had no choice, or they are poverty-stricken. After the admission, some go so far as to claim they are in love with you. Their goal is to keep the dialogue active, so you sympathize with them. 

An online romance scammer has one purpose, which is to take your money. They will convince you to send every dollar, euro, or pound you have until it bleeds you dry. Again, if one sentence on this website rings true in your relationship, you have a problem. You can decide for yourself if the person you are involved with is a fake, or we can. We can also assist if you are a victim of romance blackmail.

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Privacy Expert, Frank M. Ahearn explains how to identify a romance scammer. 

How Do You Know They Are Not A Fraud?

Protect Yourself From A Fake

Romance scammers keep two words in the forefront of their deception; money, and lies. Their objective is to take every cent possible and lie about everything, which hides their true identity. I guarantee you that nothing they have told you has a grain of truth.

When I expose a romance scammer to a client, they find it difficult to accept. They fill the conversation with all the stories the scammer told them and want me to check on this or that. But this and that is always false. There is never one piece of real information, and the only truth that exists in a romance scam is you sent money, and someone received that money.

It is painful to discover that your relationship has been a lie. It is devastating to think that the person you thought you loved has stolen your life savings. It is like drowning in an uncontrollable river of deception. You cannot look backward and wonder if anything were real; it was not. You must look forward and find a way to get past the darkness. That means searching within, finding some strength that might be sparse, but it's there; it is deciding to fight back by not sitting quiet and refusing the role of victim.

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Books by Frank M. Ahearn

New Book: Mr. Hide & Seek

New Book: Mr. Hide & Seek

New Book: Mr. Hide & Seek

Mr. Hide & Seek by Frank M. Ahearn

In the past twenty years of disappearing people, Frank M. Ahearn has  discovered a successful disappearance is based on who you become and the  code you create. Not solely on how you get from A to B. 

Spurlos verschwinden

New Book: Mr. Hide & Seek

New Book: Mr. Hide & Seek

Persönliche Informationen sind im digitalen Zeitalter zur Ware geworden. Frank M. Ahearn

Persönliche Informationen sind im digitalen Zeitalter zur Ware geworden. Anhand von Kreditkartenkäufen, Suchanfragen und Klickverhalten werden Kundenprofile generiert und persönliche Daten gespeichert.

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How to Disappear

How to Disappear

How to Disapepar by Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn, author of The New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear.


How to Disappear

How to Disappear

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