Romance Scams Consider the Possibilities

Do Not Believe Everything

Anyone and everyone who engages in online dating, or spends time chatting with a person on the internet could become the victim of a romance scam. Possibly you are thinking, not me, a thought each of my clients believed.

What I want you to think about it when you meet someone in the digital world is to consider the possibilities. Such as, maybe they are not in the military or part of the UN Mission. Nor are they working an oil rig in the Caspian Sea. Perhaps the pictures the sent they stole from Facebook, and maybe they are not a widower as claimed. However, there is one absolute truth, and that is everything they told you is unproven.

Perhaps the strategy for safe online dating is to keep the words possible, consider, could, and maybe in thought. Everything they told you may be a lie. Therefore, think that the person you have not videoed with is not who they claim. And maybe, I am right; your military man could be a fake.

If you walk into an online relationship with blinders on, you will be side-winded. Most victims are swept off their feet as if a teenage love bomb hit them. They are filled with, my darling, my sweet, my queen, my god, I am going to vomit. Scammers manipulate by bombarding you with attention. Ask yourself, is this guy applying it a little thick? If so, they could be a scammer, or desperate, and neither is an excellent catch. So, before you get knee-deep in the love mud, consider the possibilities.

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