Do Not Believe The Lies Of A Scammer

Romance Scammers Are Heartless

Romance scams are not science, but formatted actions layered with b*ll sh*t. Most scammers weasel their way into a victim's heart through over flattery and attention. Most victims are not used to the doting, and they find themselves knee-deep in the mush.

When engaging in online dating, you must think about red flags. Common sense dictates that if your communications are email, text, and Google hangouts, there is only so much a potential mate can know about you. If the person you are chatting with begins tossing around the L word but yet to see you on video or speak on the phone, call them on it and recognize it is b*ll sh*t.

If you want to protect yourself from an online dating scam, do not conduct yourself as a head-over-heels teenager in love. Romance scams are serious business, and they destroy lives. I have worked with women who lost it all, every cent of their savings. I have also worked with women who confronted the scammer, and Romeo admitted to their misdeed. Then they put on a new scam and told the clients that they fell are in love with them.

Romance scammers are heartless pieces of garbage that lack soul. They will do and say anything to get your money. Such as a daughter needing an operation; they are under arrest, they need money for business, anything that tugs at your heartstrings or conscience. The second a person mentions the word money, you must cut them off. Do yourself a favor and do not believe every word you hear. At the very least, consider what they are saying as b*ll sh*t, not just dating scam lies.

Better to misjudge a person than lose your life savings.

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