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Scam Guru Identifies Fake Passports

Are The Documents Real?

Many times, romance scammers will send a passport photo to a victim, they do with the hopes of convincing the victim or their identity. Therefore, if you are dating a person on the internet, and they have sent you their passport, take some time, and review the document.

1. Is the photo a legitimate passport photo.

Scammers will copy and paste a photo over another person's. However, some are sloppy and do not use real passport photos. Ask yourself, is the face looking forward? If not, it is a fake. Is the face adjusted correctly, not too big, not too small?

Sometimes scammers have a limited amount of pictures. Look at the passport and compare it to other pics sent. Did they use a regular photo for the ID? One scammer had glasses on in his ID because of limited access to pictures.

2. Do the dates match?

A passport has a date of birth, date of issue, and date of expiration. Most adult passports are for ten years, and the expiration is the day before the tenth year. Therefore examine the end date.

What most people do not know is the date of birth appears in two places. If you look at the bottom, there are a series of numbers after the three letters of the country; the year, month, and day of birth. Does it match the date next to the photograph?

The letter after the date of birth determines sex, M for male, F for female.

3. Font

When manipulating fake passports, scammers will use the wrong font. Look carefully, is the font accurate, are all the letters the same size?

4. Copy & Pasting

Some scammers copy and paste thin pieces of paper over the real information. If you enlarge it, you will see that the background is blurred.

5. Signature

Review the signature, does it match the name?

6. US Passports

Above the photo is a USA insignia with a cobweb type weaving, with the lines connected. The fake passports cannot duplicate, and the webbing is blurred or solid.

Never take information, photos, letters, or documents for face value. A scammer can digitally manipulate anything on the internet.

Scam Guru Identifies Fake Passports

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