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How To Prescreen An Online Date

If participating in online dating and do not prescreen a date or vet your chatting partner, you are playing what could be a dangerous game of dating roulette. It could be an online romance scam. There is minimal difference between the game of chance and online dating. Playing roulette, you drop chips down on random numbers. Online dating, you click random profiles, or they tick you. In roulette, you do not know where the ball will land, internet dating you never know who is behind the photograph.

The difference is when gambling, you voluntarily walk into a casino and are willing to risk a predetermined amount of money. With online dating, you never think that you could lose money. It is vital to understand that internet dating is gambling, and it could have a negative if not a catastrophic effect on your life. Unfortunately, the odds of meeting a romance scammer is probably in your favor. Therefore, do not rely on chance, be smart, and have a dating plan.

When you begin to chat with a person from a dating site, create boundaries. The first should always be a video conversation.  If they tell you, they are unable to video because they are working on an oil rig, or in a military zone, end the conversation. Scammers use the oil job and the army deployment to create distance, control communications, and provide an excuse, not to video. If they say their camera is broke or they are shy, tell them goodbye. The next person who contacts you on the dating site will most likely be the person you sent packing.

I cannot stress how important it is to screen your chatting partner. Plus, what you are doing is not long distant dating, it is communicating with an unidentified person. A stranger! Take the time and think about what you are doing and do not allow your heart to rule. Emotions will always go against intellect, do not let your guard down and be fooled by a bunch of photos, mushy texts, or a relationship that lives in Google Hangouts. Be real, live real, and communicate real. Do not live in technology.

Ask questions. What is their full name? Many scammers will use the name of someone famous, so when you search online, there is so much info about the famous person it is difficult to find info on them.

Where do they work? Do not accept, oil rig #37 of the cost of wherever. What is the company name, and how about sharing a copy of your work ID or passport. Sounds too forward? Any man you meet who is legitimate and fair-minded will understand your concern. You are not fourteen! Do not fall for the immediate I love you; I want to make you my wife, or the email address with adornments. Like youraremywife@, Iloveyoudear@, such is a scammer trick to seduce.

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