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How To Search Scam Photo - To protect herself from online scammers, a client uploaded photos of the man she met on a dating site. She was shocked to find the pictures on a romance scammer website. There were dozens of photos, with plenty of stories attached. Instead of the client blocking the scammers, she decided to indulge in conversation with the person who scammed so many.

If you discover that the person you are chatting with is a scammer, you should end contact and block them from contacting you. You must also be aware that some of the profiles on your social sites are scammers. Therefore, clean house! Cleaning house means redefining what you consider a friend. If you do not know the person offline, is it that important to be online friends? Considering the fact you do not know their real identity.

The clients who confronted the scammer about the online photos fell deep into a different scam. Mr. Romeo Scammer explained that he is the REAL person in the pictures and is a victim. All of the online photos and stories on the romance scammer sites destroyed his reputation. The client never asked the scammer to video to confirm it was the same face.

The scammer told the client that a lawyer would be able to remove the online photos for thirty-thousand euros. However, he only had ten-thousand but was waiting on an inheritance. The client sent twenty-thousand euros and became a victim of a romance scam.

I have worked with victims from all walks of life, scientist, doctors, solicitors, and homemakers. They hail from Germany, Paris, Oslo, Australia, New York, Singapore, Dubai, and many other places. It does not matter what city you come from or your profession, scammers, are excellent at manipulating people. They create false worlds in a digital platform. Do yourself a favor, the minute you scent a scammer; walk away.

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