Are You Dating A Fraud?

Rid Yourself Of The Romance Scammer

Besides losing money from a romance scam, victims find themselves mourning a relationship that never actually existed. There is a confusion which occurs, there is the man who stole from them, and the face in the photo that expressed deep love. I know from experience that many find it hard to pull away, and for some, fake love is better than no love at all.

What victims do not realize is that more danger lurks after the discovery of the fraud. Not letting go and protecting emotionally from the scammer will only pull one deeper into the clutches and create more opportunities for victimization. Therefore, it is imperative to rid your life of the person who conned you.

Unfortunately, you cannot block the person on your mobile. A new mobile number is needed to ensure they cannot text or call, and if the scammer has your email address, you must delete it. If you continue the connection and conversation, you could fall prey to additional scams. If you find it difficult blocking the romance scammer, perhaps talking to a therapist can help.

No matter the damage, one should think about recovery in two ways — one of money and of self.

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