Step By Step Guide On How You Can Fight For Your Money!

Take Action!

After the romance scam, the hope is to recover money. Unfortunately, not an easy feat and quite challenging to obtain proper assistance. Scammers themselves will pose as hackers, law enforcement, and investigators. When seeking help, choose wisely, do your homework, and confirm the professional is real. Although, I suggest you turn from a victim and become an amateur private detective and hunt down your money. 

The issue with trying to recover funds is there is no rhyme or reason as to why a victim gets money back. When a client contacted me, I explained some do, and some don't. However, I do believe if you do nothing, nothing happens, therefore if you do something, something can happen. At the very least, you are taking control and fighting for your money. 

I no longer assist with fund recovery, but on this page, you will find information on how you can try to get your money back. The first mistake that occurs after the romance scam is you want to locate the scammer, thinking they have your money. The criminals work in teams, which means you may have been chatting with more than one scammer. The only truth that exists is, you sent money, and someone received the money. That means the receiver is your target, not the scammer. Your focus is the money receivers, banks, cash transfer services, and local law enforcement.

LAW: The only way to get the law involved is by making contact. However, not the police in your home city but the cities where you sent money; they are the ones who can take action.

BANKS: Contacting the bank where you transferred the funds to is essential. You need to contact the local branch that received the transfer and the corporate office.

YOUR BANK: Contact your bank and ask that they recall all transfers. If they tell you no, do not accept. You are a victim of fraud and have rights. 

MONEY SERVICES: You can file a claim with Western Union and Money Gram.

File complaint in UAE:

There are no guarantees of recovering money, but you must take action and do something to try. 

Letter To Law Enforcement & Banks


My  name is YOUR NAME, and a customer of BANK NAME, RECEIVER'S NAME, has  defrauded me. I believe them to be part of a money-laundering  organization. I seek your help in opening an investigation and  recovering my funds. Enclosed are copies of the bank transfers



Email Address

                                  Use an online translator for different languages. 

Search The Internet

Detail your services

Send a letter to the local, state, and national police. Search other law enforcement agencies in the country and contact them. When you address the envelope: ATTENTION: FRAUD


Send a letter to the corporate office and the branch you sent the transfer. When you address the envelope: ATTENTION: MONEY LAUNDERING

Be Heard!

The only way to Recover Funds From A Romance Scam is to be heard and not take no for an answer. Good luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Fight for your money!

Good Luck!

Sorry, we do not assist in fund recovery, but we can identify if you are dating a scammer.

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Recover Funds From A Romance Scam

Privacy Expert, Frank M. Ahearn explains how to recover funds lost in a romance scam.