Did You Send Compromising Content To A Blackmailer

Protect Your Identity

If you are online dating, it is essential to protect yourself from romance blackmailer and the possibility of online blackmail. I know, the thought of it sounds outrageous and your thinking, not you. Not one of my clients ever imagined that they would find themselves the victim of a romance scam or victim of blackmail. Yet, they did, and it can happen to anyone if not careful.

The first rule of protection is not to forget that the person you are communicating with is not your friend, lover, or a long-distance relationship. What they are is an unidentified individual you chat with, and they could turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Male romance scammers use affection and attention on their female victims, while female scammers use seduction on the men. They capture by swooning, complimenting, and seducing. You're sold a fake future, with a lifetime of love, promises of them visiting, or so they say to the women. The men, more foolish, and get hooked by an offer of internet sex.

When some clients who sent money requested payback from their online partner, the scam turned. The person they believed they were going to spend their life with and loved became a blackmailer.  When the victims refused more money, the blackmailer threatened to send the compromising photos and videos to friends, family, and co-workers.

Blackmail is the oh shit moment of life! What to do? It is when everything gets turned upside down, and you are at a loss. Do you pay and keep on paying? Or do you say no and risk embarrassment and humiliation?

To avoid online blackmail, no matter the person on the other end, never send compromising photos or do live videos. The second you share such indiscretions is when you lose all control because the content is out there forever.

Be smart in your online dating, say no!

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